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Dr. Choi Gun partners with 5D spine surgery company

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Spine surgeon Choi Gun, MD, and his spinal medtech company AllThatSpine, has partnered with Veyond Metaverse, an industry leader in 5D digital surgery and extended reality technology. 

Through the partnership, Dr. Gun will introduce new training methods for spine surgical education to the Veyond Connect platform, according to a Jan. 22 press release. 

The methods include highly realistic simulations and global telecollaboration, providing surgeons with a risk-free environment for honing their skills. 

The partnership will give surgeons worldwide access to high-quality surgical education with opportunities to practice and collaborate in a detailed and realistic setting. 

Dr. Gun has completed more than 8,000 spine surgeries throughout his career, according to the release. 

The long-term vision for Dr. Gun and Veyond's collaboration includes harnessing 5D digital surgery data to enable artificial intelligence analytics to improve surgical precision and patient outcomes.