Business Strategy

AI assisted total spinal care solution

Our Goal

AtS will expand the scale and scope of AI technology in various medical fields, starting with spinal diseases.

AtS’s spinal diagnosis system is meta-izing medical data and image data accumulated in the spinal field through identification system classified by experts, data labeling, and association link structuring, and applying optimal learing and reasoning algorithms with standardized AI technology to produce AtS’s unique differentiated results.

This can also improve the accuracy of patient care and the quality of care and increase the efficiency of medical services. We will also lead the global standard in the field of education and training for spinal medical staff and 5D/XR digital surgery.

  • Data Optimization technology of AtS (labeling, association link structuring, standardized metastructure, etc.).
  • Finetuning technology using standardized AI technology such as OpenAI.
  • Deep learning model focusing on specific analysis target.
  • Technique for improving inference accuracy through inductive learning in AI.

Go-to-Market Strategy

Digital Platform for education of Spine surgery

2023 - 2024

Spine Academy (

It is an educational platform for minimally invasive spinal surgery.

A team of experts with AtS without boundary of space and time provides all the knowledge needed for spine.

SpineGPT for General Service, 5D/XR Training Center

2024 - 2025

SpineGPT for General, 5D/XR Training Center

Providing SpineGPT for General services for the general public, and simulators Level I and II using image processing and haptics.

Based on Metaverse, we provide services for doctors and professional medical staff to receive education and experience.

SpineGPT for Professional, Digital Spine Surgery Platform


SpineGPT for Professional

It is provided to medical institutions to assist in the treatment of spinal patients, increase the accuracy of diagnosis, and providing functions such as surgical guidance and real-time support in combination with the Metaverse environment.


Ambulatory Surgery Center (Franchise)

AtS’s technology, products, and services will provide Franchise Hospital with a system that trains doctors and professional medical staff needed, and supports both medical treatment and surgery.

Promote Health Insurance Benefit/Non-Benefit.

Business Strategy

Global Tech Business Collaboration Expands

OpenAI and the latest machine learning technology, deep learning algorithm technology, and global tech companies in Metaverse (5D/XR Digital Twin) will expand collaboration with global tech companies to promote rapid technology development and market entry.

Collecting And Analyzing Abundant Of Data

In order to collect a large amount of high-quality data, various spinal disease-related data are collected through cooperation with hospitals, medical research institutes, and academies, and data classification system established, labeling, association link, and standard metathesis are performed through analysis through experts.

Continuous R&D And Innovation

Through continuous R&D, the latest technologies are applied in services, continue innovation, and actively collect feedback from the general public, patients, and medical staff, and reflect on feedback.

Obtain regulatory approval and certification

  • Health insurance temporary registration project(Innovative medical technology) /w NECA(National Evidence-based healthcare Collaborating Agency) (scheduled)
  • FDA approval and CE approval of Simulator product. (scheduled)
  • AtS institution registration and verification/approval for Google Search and profit distribution of SpineGPT for General. (scheduled)

Compliance With International Guidelines

  • South Korea Personal Information Protection Act, Medical Service Act, Bioethics Act, Healthcare Data Protection Guideline, etc.
  • UK Data Protection Act 1998, Health and Social Care Act 2012, Care Act 2014, etc.
  • USA HIPAA(Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, etc.
  • Japan 個人情報の保護に関する法律, 医療等分野の個別法の検討, etc.

Global Marketing

  • Promotion of global collaboration with the World Congress of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery & Techniques (WCMISST)
  • CEO Dr. Gun Choi, PhD served as the 6th chairman of WCMISST and held a successful conference with 600 doctors in Jeju island when he served in 2016, and is currently cut out for global marketing as the organizing committee chairman of WCMISST

Expanding to Other Medical Fields

(Pain Medicine, OS, PS, Dental, RH, etc.)
  • Finding economically sustainable business models by expanding technologies and service models applied to Digital Education Platform, AI-based services, 5D/XR Digital Surgery platform, and etc. to other fields.
  • Profits is generated in various ways such as subscription, license, sales and etc.

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