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AtS aims to provide systems and services for spinal diagnosis, treatment, counseling, education, and training using AI in a comprehensive and systematic manner.

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By utilizing AI technology, make everyone in the world prevent spinal diseases and lead the healthy lives.


It is OpenAI-based spinal GPT service provided by AtS. SpineAI, which is learned from optimized data by experts using actual clinical data along with spinal common sense (fine-tuning), is used as a means of delivering accurate counseling and knowledge for disease prevention to the general public and assisting professionals in medical treatment.

Spine Academy

Spine Academy is a Educational platform for Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery. With new techniques, technologies and strategies, we provide a fresh approach that pushes the boundary of how Education can be done. With no space or time boundaries, our Team of Experts delivers all the knowledge you will need in Spine.


Through the data held by existing Real Patient, Patient Observation, Cadaver Workshop, etc., time, cost, and geographical problems are eliminated, and Precise Needle Position Technique, which is the basis for minimally invasive treatment, is trained through this simulator.

5D/XR Platform

The Metaverss (5D/XR Digital Twin) based digital surgery platform provided by AtS can support training and actual surgery through the platform beyond the existing Telemedicine/Telehealth. It is an advanced Digital Twin platform through 5d (real-time dynamic viewpoint provision) technology that has evolved further from 3D.

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XR/AI Technology Company, 5D/XR Digital Surgery Training Solution Metaverse(5D/XR, Digital Twin) Simulator & Training, Franchise Business Partner


Advancing Haptic Technology Company Haptic Technology & Device Partner


XR Technology Company XR Technology Partner


Mixed-Reality Immersive Motion Simulation Laboratory at Ryerson University Immersive Motion Simulation & AI Solution Partner

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