AI assisted total spinal care solution

Level I Simulator

Through the data held by existing Real Patient, Patient Observation, Cadaver Workshop, etc., time, cost, and geographical problems are eliminated, and Precise Needle Position Technique, which is the basis for minimally invasive treatment, is trained through this simulator.

Simulator Features

  • Long-term practice is possible without exposure to radiation.
  • Use Dummy to provide an environment similar to actual surgery.
  • Real-time image processing using 2 channel high-speed and high-resolution cameras.
  • Instant feedback provided in real time.

Related IP

  • Vertebra Surgery Simulation System, Simulation Judging Apparatus and Method therefor / 1013522930000 (2014.01.09)


a key steop in MISS(Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery) & Pain Medicine

Simulator based on Image Processing

Simulator based on Image Processing

Level II Simulator

Level II (Real Spine Surgery Simulator)

Simulator with SpineGPT for professional (Master Yoda) is provided with artificial intelligence technology for trainee evaluation and real-time guidance. Real-time video tracking and analysis allow trainees to evaluate their proficiency, correct wrong habits and behaviors, and experience cases in various situations.

Haptic technology, which is applied from level II, is provided to users in a realistic way, including senses almost similar to actual surgery, providing a more effective experience for education and training.

How we improve the experience?

Providing a more realistic simulator based on a better virtual experience by applying haptic sensing technology to a virtual video completed through an algorithm that trains vast amounts of real surgical scene data through AI machine learning.
Based on the collective intelligence of experts, such as doctors and medical staff, support for training, evaluation, correction, etc. according to the situation by AI Proctor.