Spine Academy

AI assisted total spinal care solution

Spine Academy

Spine Academy is an online education platform for spinal professionals. Various examples experienced by world-class experts in the spinal field can be experienced through content. It also provides the most effective educational environment based on actual clinical trials for the best diagnosis and treatment according to the various types encountered in spinal diseases.

Spine Academy will be provide with functions in conjunction with AI to reflect user behavior tracking, level evaluation, intellectual level, and goals in learning and training for optimal customized education for each user.

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Real Patient Case

We share a variety of real spine patient cases and show you how to solve them clearly. Explore our collection of cases, where our Rationale is made clear and simple. Though this service, improve your Decision-making skills.

Live Surgery

Follow a weekly broadcast of surgeries hosted by some of the finest experts in the field. Observe our procedures through live surgery, and from various different perspectives. Learn to perform procedures, how to handle surgical instruments, and what to look out for in each step of the procedure.

Surgery Video

Through instructional videos conducted by our team, learn the basics and Valuable tips and tricks on how to perform a variety of Spine procedures. Things that you might not always find in books!


Simulator Level I

Needle Simulator

Simulator Level II

Real Surgery Simulator