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AI assisted total spinal care solution

About AllthatSpine(AtS)

AllthatSpine(AtS) is a medical AI company based in South Korea, established in 2023.​

AtS aims to provide systems and services for spinal diagnosis, treatment, counseling, education, and training using AI in a comprehensive and systematic manner.​

To this end, we are approaching our goal through optimization of clinical data and analysis of imaging data by medical experts, algorithm optimized for spinal diseases by artificial intelligence experts, optimal design by IT experts.​

SpineGPT is the first service of AtS implemented with OpenAI, and it will be upgraded through continuous expansion of clinical data and data optimization by medical experts, and will be expanded to areas such as counseling to the general public as well as treatment and treatment for experts.​

Spine Academy is an online education platform to provide optimal education and training for medical professionals and is preparing an advanced training system for the Metaverse/Digital Twin environment.​

These efforts by AtS will contribute to the health promotion and training of medical professionals in many patients suffering from spinal diseases.


By utilizing AI technology, make everyone in the world prevent spinal diseases and lead the healthy lives.

1. Maximizing Access to Spinal Medical Services

The first goal of ATS is to systematize spinal-related medical information so that anyone can use it usefully.

SpineGPT for General is provided as the first step.

> Launching global services of AI based SpineGPT for General

2. Providing Better Spinal Medical Educations

Through Spine Academy, Simulator Level I, II, and Master Yoda, we will provide services to doctors and professional medical staff based on Metaverse to receive effective education and experience.

> AI based Spine Specialized Franchise Hospital

> Developing Master Yoda(SpineGPT for Professional) & Spine Simulator II

3. Providing Better Medical Services

The final goal is to expand the scale and scope of AI technology in various medical fields and complete the medical toruism platform.

> Medical Tourism Platform

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Founder & CEO

Gun Choi, PhD

  • 30+ years of experience in healthcare
  • President and Chief Doctor at Pohang Woori Hospital

Co-Founder & Technical Advisor

James Won-ki Hong, PhD

  • 35+ years of Research and Teaching in Computer Science and Networking
  • Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering POSTECH

Legal Advisor

Chang Rok Woo, LL.M

  • 45+ years of experience in law practice
  • Founder and Honorary Chairman (current) of Yulchon LLC