AI assisted total spinal care solution

About SpineGPT

It is OpenAI-based spinal GPT service provided by AtS. SpineGPT, which is learned from optimized data by experts using actual clinical data along with spinal common sense (fine-tuning), is used as a means of delivering accurate counseling and knowledge for disease prevention to the general public and assisting professionals in medical treatment.

In addition, it is optimized through artificial intelligence learning to expand the accuracy of expert diagnosis and treatment by utilizing accumulated images, and through optimized artificial intelligence, it will provide the function to assist and support surgery in the future Metavers/Digital Twin environment.

Main Training Data

  • Knowledge(General Medical & Spine)
  • Real Patient Cases(Labeling by Experts) & Treatment/Surgery Videos
  • EMR(Electric Medical Record) Data

SpineGPT Services

  • SpineGPT for General(Service for general public)
  • SpineGPT for Professional(Master Yoda, Service for experts)

SpineGPT: AI Companion for Spine healthcare

"SpineGPT: AI Companion for Spine Healthcare" is a pioneering exploration that invites readers on a journey into the intersection of spinal health and artificial intelligence. This comprehensive guide is structured to cater to medical professionals, students, and curious laypersons, breaking down the barriers of complex jargon.

Chapter 1: Understanding of Artificial Intelligence

Here, the author demystifies the basics of artificial intelligence, the current state of natural language processing, and an in-depth look at GPT-4, paving the way for understanding the core concepts behind SpineGPT.

Chapter 2: Understanding Spinal Diseases

This chapter provides a detailed look at the structure and functions of the spine, as well as an overview of major spinal diseases, serving as a foundational understanding for anyone interested in spinal health.

Chapter 3: The Emergence of SpineGPT

Dive into the origin and development of SpineGPT, its key features, pros and cons, and specific parameters affecting its search function. This chapter allows readers to grasp the power and limitations of SpineGPT.

Chapter 4: Medical Applications of SpineGPT

Understand the real-world applications of SpineGPT in patient education and support for healthcare professionals, shedding light on its practicality and benefits.

Chapter 5: Future and Prospects of SpineGPT

Explore the exciting future of SpineGPT, its prospects in spinal health management, its role in the broader healthcare industry, and a look at other AI tools shaping the future of healthcare.

SpineGPT for General

A professional chatbot for
spine health and advice.

SpineGPT for Professional

SpineGPT for Professional(Master Yoda) is an artificial intelligence service for doctors and medical professionals.

for Treatment

Artificial intelligence-based system that supports the treatment of spinal doctors so that it can be provided directly to medical institutions to increase the accuracy of patient treatment.

for Surgery

In AR and Metaverse environment, it provides guiding patients’ surgery and real-time monitoring by artificial intelligence.